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    Adding another payment option increases conversion by 22%

    Ukash is shaking up the idea that traditional financial services such as bank accounts and credit cards are essential for buying online. Cash customers have considerable spending power which online merchants can’t afford to ignore. Ukash gives you a way to tap into this important customer segment, without impacting on the revenue streams from your existing customers.

    Why you should you accept Ukash:

    Reach new customers – Research shows that every new payment option increases conversion rates. Use Ukash to help attract new customers and generate new revenue. 

    Expand boundaries – Because customers can change their cash to Ukash at over 460,000 physical points of purchase in more than 50 countries across 6 continents, Ukash will help you reach and convert new customers from new countries. Geography should no longer be a barrier.

    More choice makes you the preferred choice – By adding Ukash as a payment option you will be reaching a market that your competitors may be missing out on. 
    A simpler way to manage refunds – The new Cash Withdrawals service means you can offer customers a way to get cash back on refunds – at more than 2,500 Bank Machine ATMs and over 25,000 PayPoint locations across the UK, with additional locations in the pipeline.

    Hassle-free integration – Integrating Ukash into your website is simple with little IT investment required.

    No monthly or annual fees – Costs for Ukash are directly and only related to transactions making it easy to budget.

    Risk-free – Since Ukash is just like cash, it removes the risk of repudiation and charge-backs.

    Trusted - Established since 2005, we’re authorised by one of the most stringent regulators in the world: The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


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    “We recognise that many customers prefer to shop online and our partnership with Ukash gives shoppers greater payment choice. Now our customers can browse for the latest watches and prestige brands and pay for their purchase without having to provide credit or debit card information."

    Danny Toffel, owner and Managing Director
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