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  • What is Ukash?

    The trusted online cash payment solution

    An alternative payment solution enabling customers to use their cash online, Ukash is the key to converting cash shoppers to buying online. Ukash turns cash into online money, giving online merchants a vital new customer channel and issuers a valuable revenue stream.



    From cash to code to shop or play!

    Customers who can’t or don’t want to use bank accounts or credit cards can turn their notes and coins into Ukash codes at thousands of outlets around the world. With their Ukash code, they can join the online world.

    Ukash is for anyone. Available to buy in more than 50 countries around the world and with no age limit, Ukash helps your customers shop, pay and play with cash online - whenever they want.



    How does it work?

    For consumers who want to use Ukash to pay or play online it’s simple!



    1. Consumers take their cash to any one of the hundreds of thousands of stores around the world that sell Ukash.


    2. They are provided with a unique 19 digit Ukash code.


    3. They can then use that code immediately online at thousands of websites to pay for goods and services.


    A wealth of business opportunities


    As well as being convenient and safe for consumers, Ukash offers a wealth of opportunities for outlets that want to sell Ukash and for online merchants adding it as an alternative payment option on their websites.


    Accepting Ukash

    Grow your online business, reaching new customers by integrating Ukash into your payment options to accept risk free cash payments. Implementation is simple and low cost, with the prospect of increasing conversion rates instantly. Learn more here.

    Selling Ukash

    Create new revenue by becoming an authorised Ukash distributor. The growing cash community that want to use Ukash online creates valuable footfall for retail outlets as well as generating immediate revenue from the commission paid on every Ukash voucher sold. Find out more here.

  • the Gala Bingo Logo

    “Ukash enabled GalaBingo.com to really embrace the physical conversion of our retail bingo customers into online players, generating nearly five figures worth of voucher redemptions in the first 3 months. We would recommend any company looking to bridge players who prefer to use cash into their online revenue to speak to Ukash about how they may be able to help them”.

    Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Gala Bingo.com
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